Treasure Island/Sunset Beach

Treasure Island is a beautiful beach north from St. Pete beach. The beach is wide, so it would be a walk to the water. That is why our favorite location would be Sunset beach. It is more quiet and romantic. Also there is a Sunset Beach Pavilion, which can be rented out and used as a venue for your reception.

Plan your beach wedding on Treasure Island or Sunset Beach! Dream Beach Weddings is a  professional wedding planner company on Treasure Island and Sunset Beach!

Immerse yourself in the dream of saying “I do” amid the pristine white sands and the tranquil turquoise sea. If your heart beats for a beach ceremony, Treasure Island wedding is your choice. Tucked away north of St. Pete Beach, this haven of Treasure Island reveals itself as a natural sanctuary, perfect for intimate romantic escapes and couples’ cherished moments.

Are you yearning for an even more intimate affair? Sunset Beach whispers an invitation. Its serene ambiance paints an idyllic backdrop, and the Sunset Beach Pavilion stands ready, a charming haven available for your exclusive wedding at Treasure Island.

Experience the Allure of a Sunset Beach Wedding

Imagine the serene harmony of crashing waves and the soft murmur of the ocean breeze as the backdrop for your ceremony. With the romantic tunes of a guitar, violin, or cello playing, complemented by the gentle sunset hues and the affectionate gaze of your partner, it’s like being the lead in the most captivating love tale ever.

Discover the benefits of hosting your romantic Sunset Beach wedding at Treasure:

  • Breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean’s expanse.
  • Sunset Beach Pavilion boasts a boardwalk that leads straight to the sandy shores, perfect for wedding ceremonies.
  • Spoil yourself with diverse dining options.
  • We’ll handle everything — decorations, choirs, fireworks, and private candlelit dinners.

Weddings Are Our Specialty!

Organize your dream beach wedding at Treasure Island or Sunset Beach! Dream Beach Weddings is your go-to professional wedding planner in Treasure Island and Sunset Beach!

Allow us to craft a day that’s truly unforgettable for you.